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Teaching professionals and creatives how to go from unfulfilled - to work you love. Learn to say YES to getting unstuck, YES to a career you actually love, YES to more time to life + business on your terms.


Erin Pelicano jewelry was born in 2011 after leaving my career in Engineering. I've never looked back!

Our brand is known across the nation with our jewelry worn by celebrities, in hit tv shows, & national publications. I've spoken as a home hub business expert for Pinterest.

I turned my civil engineering degree and work in structural steel into a jewelry business success story designing precious metals with meaning.

Creativity + Strategy

Smart & Creative is a thing!

I've spent my entire life loving how decisive and orderly number crunching is, but this math nerd also loved creating & design.

I learned to embrace my ability to approach life & business with my creative spirit and strategic mind.

I'm here to share my unique perspective. Helping you to discover & build work YOU love.  


I remember the days, sitting in a job I worked hard to achieve.  Dreaming of something else, the tug at my heart that I should love what I was doing, and this wasn't it.

I found clarity, discovered a career path I love, and worked to build it on my terms.  Now I'm sharing my Blueprints so you can take action to discover and create the path you're meant for. Sharing my knowledge and experience in these actionable, step by step blueprints. You deserve to pursue work you love, it's time to create it on your terms.

hi there, I'm Erin

I'm an engineer turned jewelry designer and business strategist.  Married to my partner in life and business, and Mama to my 3 favorite people - I know the pull of working hard for success in parenting + business.

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Blueprints, strategy, everything you need to Find Clarity in What You Really want to do with your life. Plus the Blueprints to make it happen!

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