Erin's Jewelry
Erin's Jewelry

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Meet Erin

Erin launched her brand in 2011 as a young mom of 3, wife, and grieving sister having lost her only sibling. She learned that life tends to surprise us all, and the brand has grown into a family business along with her husband (and high school sweetheart).

A graduate of the University of Maryland and following a creative dream, Erin left a career in engineering to create her brand that serves jewelry lovers and sentimental hearts across the United States and the globe. Erin Pelicano jewelry has gained national recognition on television and publications.

Invited to speak as a home hub business expert with the global Pinterest platform. She now serves budding entrepreneurs with the clarity and strategy to pursue work they love. 

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The Blueprints

Professionals & Creatives: never again question what you're doing in your life and work.  

Erin Pelicano blueprints show you how to find clarity in creating a meaningful career, purposeful work, and launching your own business.

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Blueprints to Change Your Life

√ You want to pursue work you love

√ You dream of working for yourself

√ You want to turn your side hustle into a full time path

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